Massage Therapy

  • Improved quality of tissue repair
  • Relieves tension & spasms
  • Better performance
  • Removal of metabolic waste 
  • Decreased muscle tension 
  • Less recovery time between workouts
  • The stimulation of lymphatic system  
  • Positive postural habits 
  • Muscle memory improvement 
 • Proprioceptive facilitation lends to the overall movement/stability of your horse

Photonic Therapy (red & infrared wavelengths)

How does it work: The lights must be specific wavelengths and applied correctly. They are absorbed by a photo acceptor, cytochrome c oxidase within the mitochondria of the cell. The energy (photons) from the light wave (both visible and invisible) increases the energy within the cells which speeds up the healing process. Combining both red and infrared waves is beneficial because the wavelengths are absorbed by different depths of tissue, research has shown that this combination dramatically increases the rate of healing. 

This is done by:

  • Stimulating acupuncture points
  • Releasing trigger points
  • Treating wounds and infections
  • Healing soft tissue injuries
  • Relieving joint and muscle pain 

This science has been used for years in medspas, chiropractic offices and veterinarian offices because it creates collagen, rejuvenates, and heals. 

  When your horse is on a regular bodywork schedule the chance of overuse and stress related injuries is lower. Think of your own body and how bodywork has assisted you in optimizing your performance.

We love to combine these therapies for optimal results. There are times when using them individually is necessary. We would be happy to discuss your goals and concerns and start your equine partner on a path to continued happiness and wellness.

Kelly has been involved with horses her entire life. She feels fortunate that her career has come full circle. She holds numerous licenses, certifications and awards  in both equine and human bodywork. This as well as having trained and ridden horses to the international levels gives her a great understanding of what riders and their 4 legged partners need to succeed. Healthy horses are happy horses.  

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