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AND.. of course there is BABAR. The most dynamic stallion Kelly has ever known. He is a gift, a blessing, a mentor. She learns so much from him every day. The horse of a life time.
Lisa Zinger-Wallace, Kelly's life long friend and dressage trainer.
Babar and Kelly at the HPNJ
Lauren Sammis, Kelly's long time friend and mentor.
Barbara and her 5 year old Dutch Gelding Max. Barbara has been with Kelly for 5 years. She is a life long dresage rider, thoroughly enjoying her new superstar mount MAX!
Alex has been with Kelly for a little of a year. She and her 5 year old ISR mare are in full-training. This talented pair are doing quite well.
Lisa has been with Kelly for almost 2 years. She owns a clydesdale who is now trained in dressage but happy being a broodmare this year! Lisa is currently riding several of the warmbloods in Kelly's barn
Kristan has been with Kelly for  almost 5 years. She was a pleasure rider turned Dressage Junkie! She is now working with her super Babar gelding, Beijox on the 2nd level movements!
Tabasco was in for training and sale. He was a silver medal European Champion in the FEI. He was sold to a fabulous home in CA.
Xenudo is a GORGEOUS imported Lusitano from Brazil. He was imported to FL by Kelly through her connection with SUCANDI.  He was sold to a wonderful home right here in NJ through one of  Kelly's affiliates!
Sabrina Shawlis, owner of Sovereign Dressage has been a life-long student of Kelly's. Starting with kelly at the ripe age of 12 she has successfully come through the dressage ranks. Kelly is so proud of her, and her riding!
The next few photographs are of the many young ladies who ride with Kelly in clincis and lessons for several years in attempt to prepare for their pony club ratings. These gals are now wonderful young ladies with true dressage skills. Most of them now ride at 2nd level and have great aspirations!
Laura one of Kelly's regular young ladies from pony club spent the fall and winter doing some intense training with Kelly. She is quite the rider!
Jessica also with pony club has turned into a wonderful dressage rider over the past few years! We are so proud of her!
Alyssa Nagy rode regularly with Kelly up until college took her north. Her super young mount Ocala was purchased through WinnWard Dressage
Cara Tozour of Fidler Run farm purchased her fabulous dutch gelding through Winnward and one fo their affiliates! Cara rode with Kelly for years and had so much success that she has actually given up her amateur status to go pro! Good luck Cara on your professional career!
Alexis Tozour rode a horse puchase from Winnward,  started & trained by Kelly, with Kelly's assistance to the NATIONAL DRESSAGE SEAT EQUITATION FINALS! She finished 6th in the USA! We are so proud of Alexis & her continued success as a rider.  She continue with Cara, mom's, help!!!
Babar offspring, Aquabeat
Kelly Winner Biography

Kelly Ethier-Winner is an elite riding instructor and trainer based in Lumberton NJ at Fox Hunt Farm.  She has spent 30+  years cultivating strong horsemanship training, managing and teaching skills. Kelly enjoys working with horse owners in all disciplines.  Her diverse and inspirational background includes a history of international mentors and trainers.

Kelly acted as the east coast training consultant for The Approved Riding Schools of American Society.  Where she provided training to all potential teachers and inspectors of this elite certification program.  Kelly is a college certified peak performance coach as well as a member of  USDF, USEF, ARIA, ECRDA and SWANA.

You may read more about Kelly's philosphy below.

Training and sales board available. Please contact  Kelly personally at 609-760-0583 or EMAIL
Kelly Ethier-Winner